How To Make Adjustable LED Flasher Circuit Using 4017 Ic

How To Make Adjustable LED Flasher Circuit Using 4017 Ic

You must have seen different kinds of decoration lighting patterns.In this LED chaser circuit Using 4017 And 555 IC, I have created an interesssting LED blinking pattern.

Gerber File:

Required Components

  • CD 4017 Counter Ic
  • 555 Timer IC
  • 1K Resistors 3 Pcs
  • 10K Variable Resistor
  • 10uf And 1uF capacitor
  • 5 Volt Battery / Veriable Power Supply
  • LED Any Colour

The main part of this LED chaser circuit diagram is 555 timer IC which generates some variable frequency. 555 timer IC is a general purpose IC which can be configured in some different modes like Astable, Monostable and Bistable. Here in this project we configured 555 timer as an Astable multivibrator in which both the stages of signal are unstable. Some time we call frequency generator also. Here we use output signal of this Astable multivibrator to trigger IC CD 4017 counter to change its state to perform desired task.

Here we have connected 555 timer IC in Astable mode for generating a trigger pulse of some time period. A variable resistor is connected for changing the cycle frequency of 555 timer’s output. A CD4017 counter IC is also connected with this circuit for lighting LEDs. 10 red LED’s are connected to Q0-Q9 pin (pin 3) through 150 ohm resistor. MR pin (pin 15), enable or clock inhbit pin (pin 13) is directly connected with ground and Clock pin of counter directly connected with output pin of 555 Timer. 

Hope You Like This Adjustable LED Flasher Circuit.

For More Detail Please Follow This Video.