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How To Convert Any Speaker Into Bluetooth Speaker In Urdu/Hindi

How To Convert Any Speaker Into Bluetooth Speaker In Urdu/Hindi

Hi guys in this video we gona show you how you can convert any simple speaker into bluetooth speaker.this video we will use mini bluetooth module.This Bluetooth module is a very small size about 24x14mm, which you can easily use in your experiments,Its input supply is 5 volts dc.Which you can easily use even at 3.7 volts with 18650 battery cells. I hope you enjoy with my product.

Here are the steps to add Bluetooth functionality to a normal speaker:

  1. Get a Bluetooth receiver.
  2. Get the proper cables for connecting the Bluetooth receiver to the speaker system.
  3. Pair the source device to the Bluetooth receiver.

There are a number of reasons you might want to hook up your speakers for Bluetooth. Enabling Bluetooth allows you to stream audio from any Bluetooth capable device. This means you can watch videos on your laptop with your speaker, or you can play DJ on your phone.

Depending on your speakers and the Bluetooth receiver you get, you will need to get (or make) certain cables to hook them together. Sometimes, these cables will be easy to find. However certain set-ups will require you to improvise.

For the most part, a Bluetooth receiver will have female stereo aux and RCA outputs. If you chose to get a car adapter, however, it will come with a male stereo aux output. In general, the aux outputs are intended for computer speakers whereas the RCA outputs are intended for home audio speakers.


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