JA Solar launches 800 W solar panel

JA Solar Launches 800 W Solar Panel

The new product, currently the foremost powerful panel on the market, was showcased at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai. Also presented at the fair was a 780 W product from Tongwei and a 660 W module from Trina.
The 14th SNEC photovoltaic exhibition and conference held in Shanghai in the week set the stage for the presentation of the foremost powerful solar panels on the worldwide PV market. The Chinese pv magazine team was there and has reviewed of all of them.

JA Solar Launches 800 W Solar Panel
JA Solar
Chinese manufacturer JA Solar unveiled what’s so far the world’s biggest and most powerful panel with an 810 W model. Called Jumbo, the panel has quadruple layouts of 47 cells and dimensions of two ,220 by 1,757mm. This panel utilizes a triple-cut cell design with 11 busbars on 210mm wafers. JA puts the utmost power output at 800 W. The module is not yet in mass production.
JA Solar launched a replacement 525 W+ panel in May.

Tongwei Solar
China’s largest cell manufacturer, Tongwei, unveiled its G12 module series with an influence output starting from 760 to 780 W. The series is additionally supported a 210mm wafer and multi-busbar (MBB) technology. Measuring 2,357mm by 1,612mm, it weighs 39kg. With MBB technology, Tongwei said the panel would scale back BOS and LCOE for investors and operators. The G12 series is likewise not yet in production .
Trina Solar
Trina Solar presented a 660 W version of the Devex module. Trina said the new product had an equivalent features and specifications because the Vertex 600 W panels it launched in mid-July, but with systematic optimization. The panel is predicated on 210mm wafers, MBB technology and high-density interconnection.
Trina last month formed the 600 W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance with the aim of manufacturing subsequent level of ultra-powerful modules.
More panels
Overall, 20 module manufacturers launched new module products with an influence output of over 500 W at SNEC. The list includes:
Jolywood, 615 W
Risen Solar, 615 W
JinkoSolar, 610 W
Suntech, 605 W
Haitai, 600 W
Talesun, 590 W
CSI, 590 W
Eging PV, 545 W
Longi, 540 W
Seraphim, 530 W

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