Revolutionary Change In IT Sector Dagger Optical Fiber Starts Work From Now To Islamabad

Revolutionary change in IT sector, dagger Optical fiber starts work from now to Islamabad (Optical fiber In Pakistan)

Chairman Of C-Pac Authority Asim Saleem Bajwa Has given good news in his tweet that optical fibre has started work from Khanjarab to Islamabad.(Optical fiber In Pakistan)

Chairman Pak-China Economic Corridor (C-Pac) Lieutenant General (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa said that in the next phase fibre will be laid from Islamabad to Karachi. Revolutionary steps are being taken in the field of tea. Under the Digital Highway Plan from Islamabad to Gwadar, fibre optics will be activated.

He said that the Central Development Working Party has approved Rs 26 billion for the 146 km long Hoshab to Awaran road. He said that this highway in the remote districts of Ketch and Awaran is a ray of hope for the backward South Balochistan. And the lives of the people in these areas will change. In another tweet, Asim Saleem Bajwa said that the construction of an international airport in Gwadar at a cost of 23 230 million is in full swing. With the construction of Gwadar Airport, the city will enter a new era of development.

He said that Gwadar city is of central importance under the Pak-China Economic Corridor project. Gwadar also needed an international airport. Construction of Gwadar International Airport started last year and work on the project is in full swing. Asim Saleem Bajwa said that the world’s largest passenger plane A380 also landed on the runway of Gwadar’s state-of-the-art airport. There will be a flight facility.Revolutionary change in IT.

لندن کے ماہرین نے آپٹیکل فائبر کے 178 ٹیرا بٹس فی سیکنڈ کی رفتار سے ڈیٹا منتقل کرکے انٹرنیٹ اسپیڈ کا نیا ریکارڈ قائم کردیا


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